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Advanced Installer can help you create installation packages
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If you are a software developer or distributor, Advanced Installer can help you create installation packages. In this respect, the program honors its name because it uses a really advanced technology to develop packages that cannot only install and register applications but also uninstall them.

The application’s graphical user interface is great. It is amazing how the designers managed to make so many options fit in the small space of a window. Furthermore, despite the necessary complexity of creating an installation package, you will probably have no problem to do so if you follow the steps in the wizard.

Multiple types of projects can be started from the application’s initial screen, including Installer, Java, Updates, Add-ins, Merge modules, Windows Store and Mobile. Within these categories, you can use more specific templates, such as Visual Studio Application, ASP.NET Application, Java Application, Patch, Office Add-in and some more. Besides you can import projects originally created in another similar tool.

In general, Advanced Installer covers most of the needs of software developers (if not all) as to creating install packages. It is good to know that the packages created with this application can automatically check if there is a newer version of the software. In addition, it can generate trial packages, which are quite useful for shareware applications, as well as licensing mechanisms. So far, the only disadvantage I have found is related to its high price, too high for amateur programmers. Luckily for them, there is a free version that supports basic features.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Supports multiple types of projects.
  • Can create both 32 and 64-bit installers.
  • Is relatively easy to use.
  • Can create licensing mechanisms.
  • Can create trial version of the software.
  • Packages can check for updates


  • Professional edition unaffordable to amateur software developers
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