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Advanced Installer is a powerful and feature-rich installer creator
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Advanced Installer is a powerful and feature-rich application created to offer a complete solution for those who need to create a handy and effective installation and distribution package for their applications. Creating a proper installer without using the right tools might be quite a hassle, even for experienced developers, and that’s why software solutions like Advanced Installer have been created. Actually, Advanced Installer is not just one of them, but probably the best of them. This appreciation mostly comes from the fact that Advanced Installer manages to be easy-to-use and effective despite the fact that it incorporates all the features, functions, tools and options that one could possibly ever need from such an install package creator.

Though its interface is already quite intuitive and easy to use, Advanced Installer also includes a wizard that guides users step by step through the installation package creation process. It can be used to create MSI Windows Installer packages in only a few minutes.

Anyway, the most impressive thing about Advanced Installer is the fact that it allows customizing and controlling every aspect of the created installer. All the resources required by your application can be easily included in the package, including files, folders, shortcuts, registry keys, environment variables, drivers, assemblies, and so on. This powerful tool can also register these resources and handle any components and modules. .NET and Win32 assemblies, services, file associations, MIME types, permissions, all these and many more are under your control when creating setup packages with Advanced Installer.

You can also use Advanced Installer to include required pre-requisited in the installation package, including frameworks, browsers, or databases.

Since talking about all the features and customization possibilities offered by Advanced Installer would take tens of pages, I can only say that this comprehensive tool is worth every penny, even though, at first sight, its price may look a bit high. Considering all that this tool has to offer, its price is actually quite reasonable.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very comprehensive and feature-rich.
  • Easy-to-use interface that also comes with a wizard mode.
  • It can integrate with automated build tools


  • A bit pricey
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